A+ Athlete: Lindsey Bullard, Callisburg

Published: Oct. 12, 2018 at 11:08 AM CDT
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This weeks A+ Athlete is Lindsey Bullard of Callisburg High School. Lindsey has been named student of the year in several subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, World History and English.

She's a member of national honors society, and the NCTC dual credit honors program. Her hard work has paid off, she's ranked number 1 in her class.

"I remember my Freshman year, I was ranked number two, and I was not satisfied," said Bullard. "I'm never satisfied without being first, so I wanted to make sure that I wasn't shorting myself, even if I felt short, I was going to give it my all."

"She works hard, she want's to learn, not just get a grade," said Callisburg Physics teacher Ronnie Conyers. "When she asks questions in class, it's not so she can just get an answer and move on, it's so she can understand what I'm trying to teach her."

Understanding pays off big for Lindsey on the volleyball court, where she has helped lead the Lady Wildcats to the state tournament the past 2 years running.

She's a first team all-state setter, and has also qualified for state in golf. Whatever she does, she does it well, and she does it with hard work.

"Sometimes you can't teach a kid to have that inner drive, and she definitely has that," said Callisburg head Volleyball coach Angela Allen. "She has the motivation to succeed in everything she does in the class room and on the court. It just makes it a joy to coach a kid like that."

"I think that determination and that competitiveness, that just carries over into the class room," said Bullard. "That's why you see so many athletes, at least at our school, that are so successful in the class room. We aren't satisfied without being perfect. I think that's the attitude you have to have to be successful on the court or in class."

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