A+ Athlete: Myles Knudsen, Honey Grove

This weeks A+ Athlete is Myles Knudsen of Honey Grove High School.

Myles is a multi-sport athlete. He competes in track, powerlifting, football, and baseball. The left handed pitcher may be under-sized, but he makes up for it with his hard work and impressive fast ball.

"Just cause I'm from a small town, or that I'm small at 5'10" 150, it doesn't make me a non-valuable player," said Knudsen. "I feel like I can be eaually, if not better than the guys the coaches are looking at that are buff and high back ground."

"You can't hit him. He's got a big time arm," said Honey Grove head coach Greg Raymond. "Even his fast ball has movement on it. What I have to do when I hand him the ball is figure out how to score one or two or three runs, cause that's usually all it's going to take."

Myles also knows how to bring the heat in the class room. He is a member of F.F.A., F.C.A,. the Beta club, he's a U.S. History award winner, and he competes in U.I.L.

"If I'm in school, I want to study hard, do my work," said Knudsen. "My parents tell me that grades are before baseball. Just got to study, do your work, listen to what teachers have to say, and at the end of the day, you just have to make good grades."

"It's a delight to have a student like that," said Honey Grove science teacher Colleen Shearer. "He's one of those student that you don't get very often. It'd be great if you had a whole class full of him, but then again, you'd get a lot of questions asked."

After graduation, Myles will attend Brookhaven College to continue his baseball career.