A+ Athlete: Rayen Campbell, Bonham

Published: Oct. 11, 2019 at 1:39 PM CDT
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This week's A+ Athlete is Rayen Campbell of Bonham High School. Rayen is a member of National Honors Soceity, Texas Scholars, Student Council, and has a 5.73 grade point average.

She's a class officer, involved with several organizations, and is active in her church. She strives for the very best in all aspects of her life, as she prepares for her future.

"Out there in the real world, it is a very competitive place," said A+ Athlete Rayen Campbell. "If we shine in what we do in everything, we will be looked at first."

"The ideal student. She's a great representative of our high school, in the classroom and outside the classroom," said Bonham math teacher Jonna Spiller. "I'm just happy to know her and be a part of her education so far, because she's awesome."

Rayen is also pretty great on the track. She's a regional qualifier in track and cross country, she's a pole vaulter, and the leader of the cross country team.

She's also the drum major in the Bonham band, representing her town, and her school is something she takes great pride in.

"If you are doing it for an organization, it shows your school spirit and you want to excel," said Campbell. "You are pushing yourself to be a better you."

"She is a natural born leader. She leads by example. She has a great work ethic," said Bonham cross country coach Kevin Trompler. "The other kids respect her. I could walk away and leave it on auto-pilot and know that Rayen would run the show and get everything done. She is like an assistant coach out here, she really is."