A+ Athlete: Reagan Bean, Marietta

This week's A+ Athlete is Reagan Bean from Marietta High School.

Reagan ranks at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA. She's the head of the student council and the senior class, part of the National Honor Society, the State Superintendent's Advisory Council and the Southern Oklahoma Technology Student Senate.

Reagan is also a concurrent student and volunteers her time to help others through a number of service organizations. She says working hard is just in her nature.

"I've just always believed that hard work can get you just about anywhere," said Bean. "I never want to settle. I'm a perfectionist, and I'm very purpose-driven so anything that I do, I get it done and I try to get it done right."

"She's very caring toward others," said English teacher Alicia Harris. "In addition to that, the fact that she can balance so much and still maintain a perfect GPA, she's definitely going to be very successful in life."

Reagan is just as involved in sports. She helped the Lady Indians become district champs in basketball this season. She's also a softball player and a cheerleader. Just like with academics, there's a big motivational factor that comes out when she's in athletics.

"They both bring out my competitive nature," said Bean. "In the classroom, I strive to be the best that I can be and the same with sports. I strive to be the best and the best version of myself. It'll help me as a person and those around me."

"She's what I would call a gamer," said Kyle Hunter, head girls basketball coach. "No matter if it's a good day or a bad day, winning or losing, if she's sick or if she's injured, she going to give her best effort."

After graduation, Reagan will attend the University of Oklahoma and pursue a business degree. And that's why Reagan Bean is this week's A+ Athlete.