A+ Athlete: Shelby Garrett, Latta

Published: Mar. 27, 2019 at 11:49 PM CDT
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This week's A+ Athlete is Shelby Garrett of Latta High School.

Shelby is a key component of the successful Lady Panther basketball program. She has suited up in the black and gold all four years, making several all-tournament teams along the way.

She also helped lead Latta to the state tournament in 2016 and 2019. She is also a two time state qualifier in Cross Country, and says it's her teammates that push her to be successful.

"Basketball can be pretty intense, with practices and everything like that. But, in basketball I like the team that I have, they're like a family to me, I love going there everyday," said A+ Athlete Shelby Garrett. "It does teach you discipline. On the hardest days when you don't think you can, you always have someone there pushing you, telling you that you can, especially your coaches, and your teammates."

"Shelby has characteristics that all coaches and all teachers would love to have. She's first of all, self-motivated," said Latta girls basketball coach Bruce Plunk. "You don't have to push her, she wants to be the best no matter what she's doing. She does not want to come in second place. She strives so hard to push herself, and bring her teammates with her."

Shelby is just as dedicated to her academics as she is athletics. She ranks in the top 10% of her class, with a 4.35 G.P.A.

She's involved with National Honor Society, Oklahoma Honor Society, and Student Council. On top of that,she's had perfect attendance since Pre-K, knowing it's her education that will take her places.

"Academics are very important to me, sports are secondary, and academics are always on top," said Garrett. "Academics are what's going to take me to college, it's what will help me in my future job. It's going to help me throughout my whole life."

"I feel very blessed to have Shelby in my class. She is a wonderful student," said Latte science teacher Julie Bruner. "It helps me be more motivated to be a wonderful teacher, when I have wonderful students like Shelby."

Off the court Shelby has volunteered at food drives, the special Olympics, and many other events around Latta. After she graduates, she's hopes to continue serving others as a nurse.