A+ Athlete: Taylor Blanscett, S&S

This week's A+ Athlete is Taylor Blanscett of S and S High School. Taylor is a standout softball player for the lady rams. She was 2nd team all district her sophomore year, and 1st team all district as a Junior...

"I know I can always do better, so I always work outside of practice, I'm on a select team," said Taylor Blanscett. "I go to hitting lessons once a week. I've been playing softball since I was 4-years old. It's my happy place, I can have a bad day at school, and then come to the field and everything goes away."

"I use her as an example all the time," said S&S Softball coach Brandy Courville. "She's not really loud, but she's that kid that goes out there and everybody looks to her and see's what she's doing and if they're doing it right. I hope all my girls that come through the program turn out just like Taylor."

The slugger is also a homerun off the field. She is an Honor Roll Student, a member of the National Honor Society, the student council, and Beta club.

"There is just a quality about Taylor that she just digs in every day and continues to work," said S&S math teacher Michelle Wear. "Regardless that graduation is 11 weeks away, regardless if she's sick, she still gives me everything she's got everyday."

"Both of my parents have always pushed me to be the best that I can be, and they always told me that school comes first, and then softball," said Blanscett. "I can't play softball unless I keep my grades up. I never settle for any grade, I always want to push myself to become better."

In her spare time, Taylor likes to volunteer with the local fire department and nursing homes. After greaduation, she hopes to become a nurse.