A+ Athlete: Trey Keatts, Kingston

Published: Mar. 1, 2019 at 1:43 PM CST
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This Week's A+ Athlete is Trey Keatts of Kingston High School. Trey is known around Kingston as a competitor in everything that he does, including in the classroom.

He's ranked number one in his class with a 4.22 G.P.A. He's in National Honor Society, and he's got close to a full years-worth of college credits, knowing it's education that will have the biggest impact.

"Sports is not always going to be a part of your life," said Trey Keatts. "We wanna make this earth better each day and that's where i feel like academics can get us to better our society.."

"He has his internal motivation anyway, he doesn't need someone standing over him all the time to make him do the right think," said Kingston English teacher Regina Phillips. "He's gonna do it and now he has his eye on the prize further down the road."

Out of the classroom, Trey is just as dependable. He's played four years of basketball, four years of golf, and he's been the kicker for the Redskins football team all four years. Which as you could imagine… keeps him pretty busy.

"You have to handle a lot on your plate. You gotta every day wake up, work hard," said Keatts. "Just know your probably gonna be doing something all day long. And it's gonna go from each sport to the next. it never stops."

"You know h's willing to put in the hard work that it takes in order to be successful both on the field and off the field," said Kingston football coach Tommy Bare. "Take his kicking for instance, he'll be there early in the morning, late after practice, stay, do the extra kicks that it takes for a person to be successful and i think that's what's helped him out tremendously."

During his senior season, Trey raised close to $1,700 for cancer research by kicking field goals, and after graduation he will continue his kicking days at N.E.O. while getting a degree in engineering.