A+ Athlete: Tyler Berryhill, Plainview

Published: Oct. 18, 2019 at 4:25 PM CDT
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This week's A+ Athlete is Tyler Berryhill of Plainview High School. Tyler has a 4.02 gpa, he's a blue ribbon scholar, a member of National Honors Society and Oklahoma High School Honors Society. He is a tournament of champions participant and he's ranked 9th in his class. It is hard work that has put Tyler where he is today.

"I would say applying yourself to academics is the first thing that I do," Berryhill said. "That is honestly more challenging to me than athletics itself."

"He's willing to work hard. He sees everything as a challenge," Plainview math teacher Melinda Wallace said. "When we have a major problem on an AP question that we're putting on the board and working out, he's the first one to volunteer to go to the board. He is going to conquer that problem, even it it takes him the whole hour."

On the field, Tyler is the captain of the football team. He is a 3-year varsity starter and has attended football camps at SMU, UCO, Harvard and Yale. He also stars for the Plainview basketball team and is a member of FCA..

"Having motivation with your teammates by your side, keeps you going through the season," Berryhill said. "The season is really fun. It's never a down time during the school year. I really enjoy a lot."

"He is super aggressive. He gets after it. He plays hard the whole time he is out there," Plainview head football coach Joe Price said. "He's a verbal leader but he's also a great leader by example as far as the way he plays and the things he is willing to do to make his team be good."

In his spare time, Tyler volunteers with the Salvation Army, the Ardmore Veterans Center and visits nursing homes.