Austin College hosts annual volleyball camp

The annual Austin College High Intensity volleyball camp began Thursday. A.C. head coach Ed Garza is putting on the camp for the 20th year in a row.

Several local high school players took part, including girls from Sherman, Denison, Whitesboro, and S&S.

It's a two day long camp with goals of improvement, and of course to help the student athletes get ready for the upcoming season.

"The younger kids are learning the proper technique, that's what we're teaching," said Austin College head coach Ed Garza. "The older kids are just refining their footwork and becoming better. It's a good little camp. We give kids an opportunity to get better. That's the whole purpose of this camp."

"I think it's a pretty good camp," said Denison setter Kenzie Clark. "You get a lot of touches, and they are very helpful, and make you better."

"My goal is to definitely get better," said Sherman setter Samantha Graham. "And push myself to get to achieve what my goals are."