Bells softball misses chance to make it back to the state tournament

When it comes to softball in Texas, it doesn't get much better than the Bells Lady panthers.

In 2017, they won the state title, and it 2018 they completed a repeat, by winning another one. After ending their season regional finals last year, the Lady Panthers were back with a vengeance in 2020, hoping to make it back to Austin for the third time.

"I think we had the potential to do that. We had the chemistry," said Bells senior outfielder Bella Smith. "The coaching staff is so good, and we just had so much talent on our team this year. Especially our underclassmen."

When the Coronavirus shut down the sports world, there was still some hope that Spring sports would return some day. but it was announced this week that high school sports are done until the next year, leaving seniors everywhere wishing they could have just one more day.

"All three years, you see seniors get their senior night," said Bells senior pitcher Cheyenne Floyd. "You're like 'Wow, I want to do that, I want to have that night dedicated.' We just didn't get the opportunity."

"Looking back, all of friends got senior nights, all of our friends that were upperclassmen got senior nights," said Smith. "I just feel like me, Cheyenne, and Victoria looked forward to having our accomplishments announced and acknowledged that night. It was just to celebrate us, and we didn't get that."

COVID-19 may have taken away their senior night, and ended their senior season, but it will never take away the impact these seniors have made. They leave behind a legacy with two state championships, and hundreds of memories along the way.

"I saw them come together, and work better together than they ever had," said Bells head softball coach Kristina Stephens. "It was like we had a coach in the infield, and a coach in the outfield with those two out there. They were there cheering for each other during at bats, they really became a unit."

"I just really cherish our memories here," said Floyd. "All I can do is accept the fact that we don't have a senior season, and just work hard for the future."