CBS NFL Today Show host James Brown visits Texoma

NFL Today show host James Brown stopped by KXII today to talk faith and football.

Brown is in the area as a guest speaker for Victory Life Church. He spoke to the Sherman campus on Saturday and will speak in Durant on Sunday morning.

"I call being involved as a broadcaster my avocation, that's my job, and I love it," Brown said. "It is a part of who I am, first and foremost, and that is a man of God."

Brown also discussed football during his visit. He indicated that Dak Prescott, who is in contract negotiations, is his kind of quarterback.

"Give me somebody who is team oriented and driven," Brown said. "(Someone) who has the requisite skills to get it done. Even if he's not a Tom Brady or if he's not a Patrick Mahomes, he's a starting quarterback in the NFL. He brings the requisite skills to the table to get it done. I'm more concerned that he is a man of character, integrity, and team oriented. Those three characteristics, he brings to the table. I will go to war with those kinds of guys, all day long."