COVID-19 ends Ardmore's run at a state title

There's a word that comes to mind when you think of Ardmore girls basketball, consistency. Every year for at least the last 7 years, the expectation was to win 15 to 20 games, and make it to the state tournament. This year, they were able to check both of those boxes.

Just when it seemed Ardmore was within reach of it's first title in 27 years, the Coronavirus brought their season to an end.

"We knew in our hearts that we were going to give it our all," said Ardmore senior Amaya Gordon. "We knew we had a real shot at going all the way, winning it, and bringing this back to Ardmore. We knew we had it, we knew what we were capable of."

"Just how bad we wanted it," said Ardmore senior Miyah McGee. "Because not everyone believed in us. We just wanted to prove everybody wrong. We could do it."

It's common to hear high school coaches tell their players to treat every practice, and every game like it could be your last. With the season ending so abruptly like it did, that saying may mean more to student athletes than it did before.

"We say it a lot, play hard like this was your last practice, play hard like this is your last game, but you kind of take that stuff for granted, even as coaches," said Ardmore head coach Debra Manley. "You always think you will have tomorrow. I think we all, coaches and players alike, are going to look at this a little bit differently.

Clearly this isn't the way any team wants to end their season, but for coach Manley and company, there is still a lot to be proud of.

"No way will that take away from the season we had. We ended on a great note," said Manley We won our Area game, we played great. We just have to look back at all the memories that we made from June on, and just cherish those."