COVID-19 forces Caddo to miss the state tournament

Almost three weeks ago, the Caddo Lady Bruins were on their way to Oklahoma City to play in their first state tournament since 2014, but before they could even make it to the gym, they got a call that would that turn their world upside down.

"When I told them, they thought that I was kidding, because we had talked about how it was a possibility," said Caddo head coach Kolby Johnson. "When we got the news, it was surreal, it was a shock for us. I though the person that called me was kidding."

The Lady Bruins had put together one of the best seasons in school history, with just two losses all year.

The talk around the town was this would be the team to bring home the school's first title in girls basketball, but they would never get the chance.

"We all kind of expected it, but there was that hope that was there that maybe we could still play." said Caddo guard Kynsey Dixon. "When we heard that it was a official, it was pretty heart breaking."

"We had a lot of talent." said Caddo forward Karlee Anderson. "It hurts to know that 'what we could have been, how we could have did', it's real hard."

Former A+ Athlete Kynsey Dixon was the lone senior on this years squad, and even though she saw her dream of making it to the big house vanish, she still leaves behind quite the legacy.

"Since I was a little kid I wanted to go to the state tournament, I wanted to go play in the big house," said Dixon. "Now, it just got taken away."

"She stared since she was a freshman, and every team she's played on has won at least 20 games," said Johnson She's been a really big part of it, and we will miss her next year."