Collinsville's Johnson chasing 3,000 career points

There is a very exclusive club for girls high school basketball in Texas, the 3,000 point club.

It's a feat that less than 25 players have ever accomplished before, but for Collinsville basketball star Carrie Johnson, 3,000 is within range.

"The 3,000 points won't matter if we don't make the playoffs, or get that district championship, or make it passed that third round barrier," said Carrie Johnson. "So it's great, and I want that 3-pointer to kind of drive us the rest of the game, and be our inspiration for 'You know what, our teammate just hit 3,000, so let's take the dub.' And it will all fall into place."

Not only is she closing in on 3,000 points, but according to the N.F.H.S. Carrie leads the nation in career 3 pointers made. She's nailed 530 so far, with 5 regular season games still to play.

"I think the 3-point shot really fell into me," said Johnson. "I didn't really choose that as my shot, it just kind of made sense for me, like a puzzle piece."

"Her biggest goal was to get out and work, and she knew from an early age, that she wasn't the most talented player on Earth," said Collinsville head girls basketball coach, and Carrie's dad Daniel Johnson. "So she knew that she would have to go out and work for every thing that she gets."

There's no doubt that 3,000 points is a lot, but that doesn't mean Carrie is looking for a bucket every time she has the ball. In fact, her teammate Brittney Fields has over 2,000 career points, with a majority of those assists coming from Carrie.

"She dishes the ball when she sees the open person, and she knows when to take the open shot for herself," said Collinsville center Brittney Fields. "I think she is a really good teammate for that, because people that are as good of a 3-point shooter as she is, will be like 'I'll just shoot the 3 instead of passing the ball around."

"Just because I score, if my teammates don't help score to make the score board go up, then are we really winning? Yes, I could have 40, but if we lose by 20, did that 40 really contribute?" Said Johnson. "I think it's important to dish the ball out and get my teammates hot, because when they get hot, it gives me space to get hot."

Johnson needs just three more points to reach 3,000