Collinsville's Johnson family stays competitive during pandemic

When it comes to being a sports family, it doesn't get much bigger than the Johnson's in Collinsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are both head coaches, and their daughters Carrie and Katie play just about every sport for the Lady Pirates.

In a time when sports are no where to be found because of COVID-19., they are still using sports to come together.

"Everyday we come out here, we practice together, we always fight over the TV or something, but at the end of the day, we know that it's not really a competition," said Collinsville freshman athlete Katie Johnson. "We're just always there to keep each other above each other, trying to push us to the highest level we can."

"I've seen them go 1-on-1 vs. each other with elbows thrown, a lot of pushing going on, Carrie would make a shot, and Katie would throw the basketball at her," said Collinsville girls basketball, and softball coach Daniel Johnson. "But they would continue to play at a high level, and they would never waiver themselves. After the game, what I like, after the game, they would walk off with each other."

Whether its who can hit the most buckets on the basketball court, who can ace the most serves in volleyball, who can have the best batting average, or who is the best a "Uno", there's always some kind of competition in the Johnson family, and there always has been.

"Competition is a big part of our life, it's a big part of our family, everyone knows that. We walk on the floor, we want to compete, we walk off the floor, and we're just a family like every one else," said Daniel Johnson. "They played rock paper scissors today just to see who would hit first. Someone didn't like what the result was, so they started fighting over the bat. Once the bat got taken away, then they got series and back to playing."

"There's no doubt that we are always competing over something. Whether it's my sister and I want to hit off the tee first, and fighting over the bat," said senior Collinsville athlete Carrie Johnson. "I just think little moments like that of us competing with each other, and pushing each other is what makes us such a tight nit family. We're not afraid to push each other to the boundaries, just to figure out what we need to do to stay on top of where we want to be."

With the softball season hanging in the balance, there's a chance that the Johnson sister's have played their last high school game together, but that doesn't mean they will stop competing.

"No matter how much more school gets pushed back, or even athletics with the U.I.L. pushing us back, being optimistic, and saying 'No one has said it's over.' said Collinsville head volleyball coach Melissa Johnson. "Instead of thinking it's over, and just put everything up, we don't know how to think that way."