Former Colbert star Rowland has college career at Memphis on hold

Former Colbert Lady Leoaprds softball star Brady Rowland was enjoying her freshman season with the Memphis Lady Tigers, until she wasn't.

The pandemic stopped the season, and for a freshman like Rowland, who had looked forward to her college career her entire life, had to pack up and come home.

The timing wasn't great for Rowland. She was starting to hit her stride and find her place. The ball was flying out of the yard and conference play was about to begin. Rowland was hitting .317 with 4 home runs and 21 RBI.

Rowland and her teammates are now scattered across the country, but the distance hasn't been a problem. The Memphis athletes continue to strive to help each other get better.

This former Colbert star knows she'll get to play again, eventually, but Spring without softball is something she is definitely not used to.