From Denison HS to Denver Broncos, Taylors celebrate son's success

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DENISON, Texas -- Jordan Taylor is a former Denison High School and Rice University football standout. His 2015 season has been spent on the Denver Broncos practice squad.

"He's always said he was going to be a professional athlete," his mother, Karen Taylor said.

While in Denison, Taylor was involved in several sports and his parents Randy and Karen Taylor always encouraged him to go after his goals.

"I always told him look give it 110 percent that's all you can give and whatever that is at the end of the day it's a good day," Randy Taylor said.

The Taylors also said their older son Ryan helped Jordan develop his skills. "He was always playing up and trying to compete with his older brother," Karen Taylor said. "So I think that always helped his level in being able to exceed more than other kids who didn't have that growing up."

The Taylors said when Jordan progressed at Rice and agents started calling, they knew his NFL dream could soon be real. "(Denver head coach Gary) Kubiack basically came out and told him they aren't drafting a wide receiver, but I want to sign you to the practice squad," Randy Taylor said.

Jordan rose to fame for helping Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning during his injury rehab. He even caught passes from the future hall of famer before Sunday's big game.

During the season, Manning treated Jordan to a U2 concert, and when Jordan Taylor admitted he didn't have a suit to wear to the Super Bowl, Manning gave the rookie a custom tailored suit. "He is really cherishing this friendship he has developed with Peyton Manning," Karen said.

Jordan's parents said they cheered when they heard Manning's shout out to their son on national television, when he told reporters about working with Jordan Taylor and to, "Remember that name."

"We were high fiving and fist bumping," Karen said. "We thought it was very cool. We thought it was very nice of him to acknowledge all of Jordan's hard work."

The Taylors said this experience has been surreal, and they hope to see Jordan become part of the Broncos' 53-man roster next season. "I got a good feeling," Randy Taylor said. "yeah me too," added Karen. "I think he's done really well, and I think the Broncos like him and he's done really well out there."

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