Grayson hosts basketball tryouts

The Grayson Vikings are bringing hoops back to their athletic program, and on Saturday, they hosted open tryouts for both the men's and women's teams.

Before the program was cut, the women's team made the national championship tournament. And with the rebirth of the program, both teams are searching for players to bring them back to that level.

"It starts by selecting the right kind of player, high energy players," said Grayson women's coach Bill Damuth. "We're going to press, run, and have fun. That's kind of become our motto, press, run, and have fun. We're going to wear people out."

"Of course you're hoping you can get a really good player, that's scholarship level with the possibility of a part," said Grayson men's coach Scott Monarch. "And of course, a couple of walk-on's because it's a brand new program."