High School football teams adapt to new challenges

It's easy to see how Spring sports have been affected by the Coronavirus, with baseball and softball season either coming to a close, or being postponed.

But looking towards the fall, football is already being impacted. Spring is the time of the year when athletes who only play football work on getting stronger and faster.

When coaches can't meet with athletes face to face, it comes with some challenges.

"This is the part that we really enjoy as coaches, building that team for next year in the weight room and the track," said Bells head coach Dale West. "It definitely creates it's own challenges, but everybody is in the same boat."

"We can only control what we can control. So, we don't worry about the uncontrollables, we do what we can do," said Durant head coach Todd Vargas. "Right now it's about staying positive, it's about doing what we're supposed to be doing, and believing in what we're going to be, and what we're going to accomplish."

In Texas, the U.I.L. has said it's goal is to return to play May 4th. In Oklahoma, school and athletics have been canceled the rest of the year. Which has coaches across the area trying to keep things positive.

"When we do get them back, whenever that is, they're going to be hungry," said Vargas. "They're going to be hungry to participate, hungry to be coached, hungry to play a game that they love. So we can get some good out of this."

"I want to come back, I don't care if it's only for two weeks," said West. "I think we need that time back in school, to get closure on this school year, and to get us going for the summer. We need course selections academically, and to have a plan for the kids."

Whether this is a coaches first year with a team, or they have been around for awhile, the message is the same. If you want to see success this Fall. you have to put in the work on your own.

"I know what the Devil means for bad, and God means for good. We are going to find something great out of this," said Vargas. "We're just relaying this to the students to hang in there, do what you're doing. What you have done in the dark will be exposed in the light."