Howe set to make regional tournament debut

The Howe Lady Bulldogs are headed to the regional basketball tournament in Prosper, which is the deepest playoff run in Lady Bulldogs history.

They will have a big challenge ahead when they take on the defending state champs from Chapel Hill, but this team is ready for the challenge.

"Our confidence is the highest it's ever been," said Howe post Sierra Copeland. "Every game we win, we gain even more confidence. We just feel really good."

"We've never been this far, I'm usually playing golf by now," said Howe guard Molly Wilson. "To have this opportunity to play basketball even longer is great for my senior year."

"They're competitive. That's just their nature," said Howe head coach Derek Lands. "It doesn't matter who we're playing, or where we're playing them. They just like to play. They're going to give it their full effort, and that's all I can ask."