Kingston sends two teams to state

These are exciting times to be a Kingston Redskin, not only are they sending a team to state, they're sending two teams The boys and girls will both play for a championship this weekend

"For the boys and the girls to both get there at the same time, it's huge for the community," said Kingston girls basketball coach Chad Rumor. "There's all kinds of support, for both the boys and girls."

"The fact that we have both teams going to the state tournament, even though they're at different locations, we definitely feel good," said Kingston point guard Stoney Lowe. "We feel like we've accomplished a lot, but the goal is not over with."

"It's huge. It just shows that we've all worked really hard to get here," said Kingston guard Britny Henderson. "Our coaches are a huge part of it, and all of our fans, it's huge."

To say this has been a team effort might be an understatement. The guys pull for the girls, the girls for the guys, and entire town gets a big assist for helping these teams get to where they are now.

"The crowd means a lot," said Kingston shooting guard Conner Brister. "They just help us get into it, help us relax a little bit, and just make us feel comfortable out there."

"I'm telling you, I was looking at my guys, and they were absolutely elated that the girls came back and won that game," said Kingston boys coach Taylor Wiebener. "They're jumping up and down, and pumping their fists."

"It just really helps us get going, and we really get after teams," said Kingston guard Kes Reeves. "We're all in this together, we're all on the same page, and everyone is really filling their roles.

The game plan for these two teams is simple; finish the mission, and add a gold ball to the trophy case.

"We kind of have the never give up attitude," said Rumor. "Obviously from the last two weeks, so hopefully that can continue."

"Our motto is finish, we have to finish out games," sais Lowe. "In the past, our problem with losing games, is we haven't always finished out games when we should have. I think going into this tournament, as long as we finish out games, we'll be set."

The Kingston boys will play Sperry in the opening round in Mustang, and the Lady Redskins will take on Prague at Edmond Santa Fe on Thursday.