Local fishing guides effected by COVID-19

The Coronavirus has effectively brought competitive sports to a halt for the last two weeks, but it's also had it's effects on fishing.

Lake Texoma is home to more than 300 fishing guides, including Steve Buckley with Buckley Striper Guide Service. Buckley, like other guides, has seen a huge drop in business.

"It's down by probably 75 percent," said Buckley. "Everyone has been effected by it. There's not a business that hasn't been effected by it."

This is normally the time of the year when business is booming, but because of COVID-19, clients are canceling their fishing trips.

To help attract fish fanatics, guides are taking the proper steps to accommodate social distancing.

"It's a matter of keeping distance between people," said Buckley. "We are running on 24 foot boats, there is plenty of room on a boat to spread out, and stay safe. Of course, you're outdoors too, which helps. Fresh air is always a good thing."

With the fishing guides livelihoods depending on taking clients out, they are asking every one to remember, shop local, and fish local.

"This is a time for local businesses, and to support local businesses, and try to keep the local businesses going," said Buckley. "If that's something you want to do. Fishing is a great way to do it."

To book a fishing experience with Buckley Striper Guide Service, visit buckleystriperguide.com , visit their Facebook page "Buckley Striper Guide", or call (972)345-8516.