Local golf course adapts to new challenges

There's only so many board games you can play, or puzzles you can put together before you just have to get some fresh air. A perfect way to do that, as well as get some exercise, is to hit the golf course.

In Gunter, The Bridges golf club is taking the steps to keep everyone safe.

Tee times are spread out, they recommend only one person ride in each cart, and they have put PVC over the hole so nobody touches the flag stick, making it one of the safest ways to get outdoors.

"Essential businesses are businesses that can follow that 6 foot or more rule, or less than ten people in a group," said C.O.O of Centurion American Development Group Sean Terry. "So, obviously out here at the golf course, you can be 6 feet apart, you can be in less than 10 in a group. We've even taken that further in the stand point, that with our tee times, we try to spread them out enough so we don't have people conglomerating onto a hole."

"You're outdoors, you're getting the exercise, there's no reason not to come out," said Vice President of Golf Operations Randy Lewis. "We're doing everything in our power here to keep everyone safe, keep everything sanitized. We'd like for you to come out, and get some fresh air. And maybe give a little bit of joy to yourself, and your family while this is going on."

They're leaving no stone un-turned at the bridges. They are sanitizing carts several times a day, and they have changed their restaurant to curb side pickup, and delivery only.

With the CDC continuing to update it's mandates, the Bridges is also adapting to make sure they are following every protocol, and giving you somewhere to get away.

"We're safe for you to come out and enjoy your experience of playing golf," said Terry. "If you're looking for something to do on a week day, or the weekend, you're stuck at home and want to get out, we're open for business. Come out, and we'll make sure you're in a safe environment."

"Limiting one person per cart, and limiting tee times, for the guy that plays golf, we are increasing the pace of play. So people can come out, and you're less likely to be held up," said Bridges golf pro Josh Haynes. "Unfortunately, you don't get to hang out with your buddies as much as you'd like, but at the same time, it keeps moving."