Novacek talks Dez Bryant in Denison

Legendary Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek was in Denison to serve as the guest speaker for the Boy Scouts. Novacek weighed in on Dez Bryant's departure from Dallas.

"There are times that there are tough calls like that," Novacek said. "Having to get rid of somebody. Especially an incredible and athlete and a very, very good football player. You know to get rid of someone like that, I'm sure it's a very difficult situation, on both sides of it, for Dez and the Cowboys."

The Super Bowl champion tight end also says the Cowboys should focus on defense in the upcoming NFL draft.

"Defensively they need to find some kind of player that can make a huge impact on that defensive side. Once they find that, then they can build their stuff around that," Novacek said.