Pair of Ardmore twins sign to play tennis for Cowley

You are not seeing double, it was signing day at Ardmore for a pair of twins. First up, the Williams twins, Isaiah and Nicholas. They're taking their talents to Cowley College to continue their tennis careers.

"Going to state helped us with all the pressure" said Nicholas. "It helped us keep our composure."

"There's a lot of competition in Oklahoma", said Isaiah. "Playing doubles has helped us a lot."

Not to be outdone, the Corona twins also signs to play tennis at Cowley. Lizbeth and Lizette Corona are sticking together for college as well, and they are excited about the opportunity.

"I'm really nervous, and really excited at the same time", said Lizbeth. "I'm really grateful for the opportunity."

"I'm honestly really nervous", said Lizette. "I never thought I would play college tennis."

The four Tigers still have the Spring tennis season before they graduate.