Rogers solves SOSU equipment issues, connects two local rivalries

Southeastern equipment manager Samantha Rogers has a connection to two big rivalries in the area.

Rogers is one of the very few female equipment managers in college football. There are only two in NCAA Division I. She received mixed reviews when she started working on football equipment.

"At first they didn't know how to react to me since I was fixing stuff," Rogers said. "I did get confidence from them. I mean, not alot of girls know how to fix shoulder pads, or helmets, or give them cleats and different things."

"It kind of just started with bits and pieces at a time," SOSU Head Coach Bo Atterberry said. "Every responsibility we gave her was done very easily and she wanted more. So she has done everything and worked her way into this position, to be able to do the things that she does.

Rogers will be a big part of Southeastern's annual rivalry game with East Central on Saturday. She also has a big rooting interest in the Battle of the Axe between Denison and Sherman on Friday. Rogers is the daughter of Denison Head Coach Chad Rogers.

Rogers dream is to become the NFL's first ever female equipment manager some day. For now, she continues to work on her masters degree at Southeastern.