SOSU sends both basketball teams to the NCAA D-II Tournament

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 11:19 PM CDT
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The basketball season just continues on for both Southeastern teams. The women's team is coming off it's first G.A.C. tournament championship, and they are gearing up to make their fifth ever appearance in the big dance.

The Mens basketball team made it to the conference semi finals, and will make their second consecutive trip to the NCAA D-II tournament.

"One of our goals was to win the regular season conference championship, we did that," said S.O.S.U. Women's basketball coach Darin Grover. "Another one was to win the conference tournament, we did that. Now this was our third one, so it's off to the NCAA Tournament, and hopefully we can play well."

"We would love to be national champions," said S.O.S.U. guard Katie Webb. "Making history, taking one game at a time, win this next game, and the next one, and just keep on going."

"Getting the news that you were playing well enough all year to still make it to the tournament, it's an honor," said S.O.S.U. forward Kellen Manek. "I feel like we still have something to prove. Hopefully we can make a run at it.

"You get rejuvenated at different points in the year," said S.O.S.U. Men's basketball coach Kelly Green. "After the conference tournament, there was a little bit of a let down needless to say, but we need to make sure we have good legs and we're ready to go for this weekend."

The men's team will play Rogers State at noon, and the women's team will play Emporia State at 7:30. Both games will take place Saturday.

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