Sports 12 Rewind: Muenster wins football state title

The Muenster Hornets were on a mission in 2017, and history was the goal. After winning state titles in basketball and baseball in the Spring, they were just one win away from running the table.

Taking on Tenaha in the state championship, it was Muenster striking first. Parker McGrew connecting with sophomore Danny Luttmer.

McGrew would later follow up with his 2nd touchdown pass of the day, this one coming to Carson Trubenbach. Parker would throw for 193 yards.

The Defense would come up when it was needed the most. Luttmer would come up with the interception, and pick up another 40 yards, he would be named defensive player of the game.

Looking to put it on ice, McGrew runs it in to make it 27-20, and that would do it.

Muenster would become the first team in Texas history to win all three state titles in the same calendar year.

The 2017 season was dedicated to Cal York, a teammate who passed away after the basketball state title. York wore number 3 on the basketball court, and Muenster won 3 state titles in the same calendar year.