Texoma coaches react to UIL new return plan

After Texas Governor Greg Abbott made the big announcement that sports would be returning in Texas, the U.I.L. was quick to respond that their wheels are in motion.

The U.I.L. says they have a plan to allow schools to begin limited strength and conditioning workouts, along with marching band activities starting June 8th.

The U.I.L. is working toward coming up with guidelines as they work with state officials, but pretty soon, coaches and athletes will be able to connect on campus again.

"It's exciting, it's the next step we've been waiting for so we could get going," said Denison head coach Chad Rogers. "We're just getting closer and closer to what we want to be doing. That's being around the kids, and working out, and doing some kind of normalcy."

"I'm excited for our kids, and excited to get back to a sense of normalcy, that's exciting for us," said S&S head coach Josh Aleman. "We don't know what the extent of it is going to be, there is some grey area of what that looks like, but me and my coordinators have a plan in place, for June 8th, and if they extend it. We will be in good shape going into summer."