Texoma schools set to miss Spring Football

When you think of football season, it's easy to think about the Fall. But before you get there, you have to go through the Spring. For a lot of football teams, the Spring is almost just as important.

Ardmore normally plays Spring football, but just like everything else, that too has been cancelled, which could have an impact this Fall.

"We would start football on May the 18th, and the O.S.S.A.A. would give us ten days to accomplish all of those practices, we would have our install, our offense and our defense done," said Ardmore coach Josh Newby. "All of our kids would know their jobs for the future. A lot of coaches are going to lose sleep, but but we're all on the same level playing field on this deal."

The Tigers were pretty sophomore heavy in 2019. which means a majority of the team will already know what the game plan is.

"We had some young parts this season in our offensive line and defensive line," said Newby. "I'm excited to have those kids back now. We've got a young quarterback that can throw the ball. We've got some really good receivers, we're hoping to liven things up a little bit, get the ball in the air, have some fun, get our athletes in space. Hopefully our kids will enjoy the system and play well."

Playing well is something the Tigers have done consistently over the years, making it to the state finals in 2018, and a post season berth last year. Even though they can't practice in the Spring, they are staying ready for the Fall.

"In the end, you try to watch film, you try to make yourself better. You try to look at your scheme, or look yourself in the mirror and make sure you're running your program right," said Newby. "I have a lot of nervous energy, not being able to be around the kids right now is tough, but in the end, we have to do what's best for the kids, and the school and the community. The entire world, we're all in this together right now."