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About Us

Ardmore Hearing Aid Service has been providing quality hearing in Southern Oklahoma for over 30 years. A lot has changed in that time and Ardmore Hearing Aid Service has kept up with the advances in technology to better serve you. We offer a variety of hearing aid types and styles to fit not only your hearing needs, but also your budget. Ardmore Hearing Aid Services continues to provide excellent customer service now through John Marshall, Hearing Instrumental Specialist (HIS) and his wife Mandy.



Ardmore Hearing Aid Service FAQ

How do I know if I need hearing aids?
Hearing loss is often very gradual and is many times ignored for years before a person decides to have their hearing checked. Some early signs of hearing loss are: Having to turn the T.V. louder than what’s comfortable to others, Hearing people but not understanding them, Asking people to repeat themselves, particularly women and children.

How much do hearing aids cost?
Technology level is the biggest factor that determines cost of your hearing aids. The higher the technology level, the higher the cost. The shape and style of hearing aid has very little to do with the cost. Call our office for current pricing. We never pressure you into a sale. We show you the options and explain the differences in technology levels so you can make an informed decision.

Do I need two hearing aids?
There are times when only one hearing aid is recommended. The majority of people will hear and understand better using two hearing aids. We have two ears for a reason, and our brain does a better job of understanding speech when it can receive information from both ears. Today, about two-thirds of new users opt for dual hearing aids, and as a group they report a higher level of satisfaction than purchasers of a single hearing aid.

Do today’s hearing aids still whistle?
With Starkey’s feedback cancelation technology, almost all feedback has been removed. In certain situations there may be a slight amount of feedback, but it’s very rare and can usually be taken care of in one office visit.

Do hearing aids need maintenance and repairs?
Yes. There are always going to be repairs on any hearing aid, but with proper cleaning and maintenance most repairs are minor and easily taken care of. We will show you how to clean and maintain your hearing aids, and are happy to help anytime you may need it.

Are there warranties for hearing aids?
Hearing aids most often come with a one, two, or sometimes three year warranty which includes repairs and loss and damage. All of our hearing aids come with these warranties.

Should I bring someone with me to my appointment?
Yes, because hearing loss not only affects the individual but their loved ones as well. We can give you and your family advice that will make communication easier for everyone.

What if I don't like my hearing aids?
Hearing aids often take time to get used to, and during the first few weeks to a month there will be adjustments that need to be made. During this transition period we will work with you as frequently as needed to make sure you're happy with your hearing aids. All our hearing aids come with a 30 day risk free trial period.