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About Us

ECI works with families of children birth to 36 months of age who have developmental delays and disabilities. We provide services such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counseling, Behavioral Services, and developmental services to help families know how to work with their children in the course of daily activities to help the children improve their developmental skills and case management services to help families know how to advocate for their children and how to access other needed services for the child and family.

ECI Texoma FAQ

What is ECI?
ECI is the acronym for Early Childhoot Intervention. ECI provides services to children 0 to 36 months who may have developmental delays or disabilities. These services are provided in partnership with the family.

What is a developmenrtal delay or disability?
When a child is not doing the same things as other children his or her age in one or more of the developmental areas (speech, motor, self-help, cognition), it is considered a developmental delay. Sometimes the delay(s) may be the resuly of a medical condition with which the child was born or aquired after birth. Delays may also be the result of things in the childs enviroment.

What can I do if I think my child has a developmental delay?
Talk with your doctor about your concerns and ask him/her to refer you to ECI or another program that can do a developmental evaluation. A developmental evaluation is conducted by professionals trained in early childhood development who interview the parent and play with the child to determine what the child's developmental skills are and determine if early intervention services are needed. You can also call ECI directly and self refer.

If my child has a developmental delay how can I help? I am not a therapist.
You may not be a therapist, but you are the childs best teacher. ECI staff work with the family in the home/community (where the child lives and plays) to give the care givers activities they can do during the course of the child's and family's daily routines that will help the child to improve his/her developmental skills.

What do ECI services cost?
Cost is based on a sliding scale based on family income and family size. Families may or may not have to pay a family cost share. Several things are looked at before determining if the family will need to pay for services. If the child is enrolled in Medicaid, the family receives any type of public benefits, or the child is eligible for vision or auditory services through the public school, the Family Cost Share is $0. If the family has insurance, allows ECI to bill the insurance for services, and the insurance pays any portion of the cost for that month, the family will pay nothing for the services that month. In determining the family's income such things as medical indebtedness and child care costs are taken into consideration.