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About Us

We are Family Promise of Grayson County

Family Promise of Grayson County was organized in early 2016 in order to serve homeless families with children in Grayson County.  We began serving our first families in Grayson County in May 2018, as well as opening the Hope on Houston Day Center . We mobilize communities and existing resources to assist homeless families with children by providing food, shelter, support services, and hope as they regain sustainable independence.

Our Programs

Family Promise is a holistic approach to the crisis of family homelessness. Our programs address the range of issues that affect low-income families. These include direct services, educational curricula, prevention programs and more.

Congregations - The hosting of families rotates weekly among a minimum of 13 Host Congregations in the Network. In turn, each host congregation provides lodging, three meals a day, and caring hospitality 3-4 times a year. Support Congregations do not host families but instead assist a Host Congregation when they host families and/or provide financial support. The Grayson County Network currently has 7 Host and 4 Support Congregations and is recruiting more. We are always looking for more congregations who believe in our cause.

Home Base Day Center - Guests will use a local Day Center from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, where a professional case worker will provide case management services. There, guests pursue employment, tend pre-school children, shower, and do laundry. The Day Center provides guests with a mailing address and a base for housing and employment searches during the day. The Grayson County Network’s Day Center will be located in Grayson County.

Volunteers - Volunteers are essential to our success and provide a wide range of services like cooking and serving meals, entertaining children or helping them with homework, interacting with guests with respect and compassion, and providing overnight security.

Congregations - Family Promise of Grayson County has a program van which is used to carry bedding and personal belongings to the next Host Congregation weekly. The van is also used to collect any donations made to the Network and for transportation.

Fundraising - The organization is financed through donations, grants, and fundraising events. Most of the monies are raised by the individuals in the organization. The congregations may also take a financial role in support of the Network.

Social Services Agencies - Local social service agencies are essential to our work, refer families to the Network and may also help guests find or provide housing, jobs, and other needed services.

Our Mission

We provide food, shelter and support services to homeless Grayson County families with children as they regain sustainable independence. We recognize that poverty is a multifaceted problem that requires a multifaceted response. We respond by integrating educational outreach, smart programming, effective policies, and the hands-on work of hundreds of volunteers. We provide food, shelter, and support services for homeless families. We provide advice and advocacy for at-risk families to prevent their becoming homeless, and we educate people about poverty and the means to combat it. We work in the community, guided by experts . . . the people who live there and know it best. Our affiliate is nonsectarian. We welcome all

guests. Our national organization welcomes volunteers from diverse backgrounds who represent nearly every faith in the United States.  As a national organization of 200+ affiliates in 42 states, we have served more than 700,000 people, including tens of thousands of homeless families who found temporary homes at our Affiliates. Most of our clients are children.  Our proven approach has helped nearly 80 percent of clients secure housing.

​Our Vision

A nation in which every family has a home, a livelihood, and the chance to build a better future together.


When a family arrives at Family Promise, it has already exhausted all of its options to keep the family together on its own.  Family Promise of Grayson County provides 24-hour shelter, meals, transportation and supportive services for up to 90 days for families with children. The program is a partnership with faith communities throughout Grayson County.  In partnership with Family Promise of Grayson County, congregations provide overnight lodging to our guests. Congregations usually convert religious education or meeting rooms into private or semi-private bedrooms for each family. A home-cooked dinner, sack lunches, breakfast, and access to shower and laundry facilities are provided every day. A host congregation hosts guests from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. for one week. On Sundays, guests move to a new congregation. Volunteers move guests’ belongings to the next host congregation.  Family Promise of Grayson County provides families with a Day Center to use as their “Home Base” during their stay. At the Day Center, guests work on self-sufficiency plans, employment searches, receive resume and gas assistance, budget management and meet with the Case Manager on a weekly basis.

If you are a family with children 17 years and under and without a home you may qualify for Family Promise of Grayson County.  Please contact us at Info@FamilyPromiseGrayson.Org for more information.

You have the power to help.

Join the 160,000 volunteers nationwide who are helping familes in need.
There are many ways to make a difference, including donating goods or services, volunteering your time, making a monetary donation, or holding a fundraiser to benefit Family Promise.

Many of our volunteers are based at the local congregations that host our families on a week-by-week schedule (about once every 12 weeks), but we have many ways volunteers can be involved and make a difference.

If you want to offer your skills, heart, and support directly to the families in the shelter program please contact us at


  • A willing Heart
  • Completed Volunteer Application and approved background check
  • An orientation/training

Serving Opportunities:

  • Love to Cook? Bring in a meal for up to 4 families (14 people maximum), eat with our guests and be a support for an evening
  • Come sleep overnight at a host site and support the families. Lock up in the morning as everyone departs.
  • Quarterly organizing and inventory recording as needed .
  • Organize a game night for our guest families at one of our host congregations.
  • Help provide volunteer labor for cleaning out and organizing space needed for the effort. (A group could come and help clean up and organize our storage area)
  • Become a Host Church:  We are in need of host churches with space for up to 4 families (14 individuals) during the hours of 5:30 PM and 7:00 AM, for a week at a time, once every three months.
  • Become a Support Church:  Support churches provide financial assistance and support services (volunteers, etc.).