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About Us

Goodwill Industries of Northeast Texas is a 501c3 charitable organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. We currently serve Bryan, OK, Bowie, Cooke, Collin, Fannin, Grayson, Hopkins, Hunt, Lamar, and Titus County. We have 13 retail stores, 1 AS-IS store and 4 processing plants.

In 2016 we employed 498 employees of whom 80% had some type of disability or disadvantage. We took in donation items over 3.84 million pounds from 96,191 donors. Over 639,528 customers spent over $8.25 million dollars in our retail stores. We received $160,903 dollars in training fees and logged over 9,872 volunteer hours. We paid out over $5.65 million dollars in wages and benefits, and trained and placed 366 individuals in competitive employment.

Goodwill Values - Goodwill Industries ‘Actions and Services’ are based on a strong ethical foundation and demonstrate respect for the independence and intrinsic worth of each individual we serve. We treat everyone as we ourselves want to be treated. We are committed to providing high quality programs and services that will best meet the needs of our clients and our customers.
Our Reputation

Over the last 100 years, the Goodwill brand has become a household name all over the world and is easily recognized by the public. Our operations in each of our service areas is recognized as a trustworthy effective collaborator. Over the past 50 years, we have made a strong and positive presence in each of the communities we serve.

Our Partnerships - We actively seek out, develop, and nurture alliances with other organizations and individuals that actively share our goals.

Our Responsibilities - It's our responsibility to ensure that we fully utilize all available resources as well as continue to seek out new ones in order to best develop and grow our clients into motivated, well adjusted, productive, and competitively employed individuals.

Our Competence - We will continue to deliver what we have promised in all areas of endeavor and make every effort to enhance our image within the communities as one of strength, integrity, quality, and accessibility.

Our Performance Measures

  • The quality and quantity of work an individual performs.
  • The amount of training, support and retraining an individual might require.
  • Successful placement in other available competitive employment.
  • Long term retention within that competitive employment arena.

Our Goals - We will provide an avenue where the individuals we serve can develop a sense of self-worth, learn to believe in themselves, and become productive citizens. We will prepare and help place individuals with employment barriers, into competitive jobs with other area companies.