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About Us

Improve  the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature births, and infant mortality.

March of Dimes FAQ

How are the funds spent?
Research, grants for the development and prevention of premature births and birth defects.

How many babies are born premature each year?
over 543,000 babies are born premature each year in the United States.

How does the local March of Dimes impact our community?
The local March of Dimes impacts the community through education and awareness, local schools, business and organizations. Focusing on the importance of healthy moms having healthy babies.

How does prematurity effect us as a community?
Prematurity effects the community financially, emotionally, and economically. The cost are tremendous and emotionally it can effect families, workers, and employers.

How long has the March of Dimes been established?
March of Dimes was established in 1938 by Franklin D. Roosevelt in the prevention of Poleo.