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Phone: (580) 369-2354

About Us

We are a 10,000 square foot retail store specializing in retail therapy. We can help moms with clothing & accessories for the whole family.



Stillwater Milling Company FAQ

What brands do you carry?
We carry brands like Brighton, Miss Me, Silvers, Corral Boots, Ariat, Cinch, Wrangler, and Sanuk Footwear.

How do you extend the life of your Brighton Jewelry?
Much like a loyal genie, your Brighton jewelry wants to stay beautiful and serve as your treasured companion for a long time. If she could tell you how to maintain the look of your Brighton jewelry, here's what she'd say.

"Just like you - I need to be tucked into bed each night:
  1. I really like it when it's dry and I like to be tucked away from any conditions that could break down my clear lacquer protective coating. I just hate it when I start to change color (tarnish).
  2. I am allergic to perfume, hairspray, and cleaning chemicals - so don't forget to spray the pretty-smelling stuff, spritz your hair in place, and leave the cleaning to someone else before wearing your Brighton jewelry. These things can break down my lacquer coating. Remember I just hate to change colors!
  3. I really don't know how to swim, so please don't wear me in the shower or in the pool or ocean.
  4. I will wait for you in your gym bag while you exercise. I'd love to keep you company, but perspiration is not my friend.
  5. Should my age start to show, you can use a soft, dry cloth to keep me more youthful-looking. But don't ever take me anywhere near jewelry cleaning machines and silver polishing cloths. . . they'll make me look older, and who wants that?

Also keep in mind, I am made with a lot of love and inspiration (after all, you wished for me!) so if you can keep me "healthy" I will be here longer to keep answering your wishes!"