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About Us

YW8 sends highly trained and skilled educators into the schools of Carter County, OK to empower teens and their parents with the skills necessary to choose sexual risk avoidance.



Why should I talk to my kids about sex?
As parents, we talk to our kids about the things that are important to us. By NOT talking to your child about sex, you are saying that their sexual decisions are not important to you. Effective parents take the initiative and impart their family's values and expectations in regards to all important subjects - including sex.

Won't it be awkward talking to my kids about sex? How will I know what to say?
YW8 can help you with the skills and language you need to have this talk with your child. We can also give you a free copy of "The Big Talk Book," a great tool for talking points and tips that will make the discussion of sex less awkward.

My kids never listen to me. Do they really care what I have to say about sex?
Yes! Kids may act like they're not listening, but recent research says that YOU, the parent, are the #1 influence on your child's sexual decision making.

Isn't it inevitable for all teens to have sex?
Absolutely not. When we empower teens with information and skills to make the healthiest decisions - they CAN, and often DO, make good decisions. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 75% of 15-17 year olds are NOT having sex.

Won't a condom solve the problems caused by teen sex?
Actually, no. STD rates for teens continue to increase despite the fact that condom use among teens has increased since 2002. Besides, condoms can't protect a teen from the emotional effects of teen sex.