Restaurant owner speaks out on finding baby in dumpster; accused mother now in jail

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SHERMAN, TX - The owner and employees of Eddie Mac's restaurant are still in shock after Thursday’s tragic incident. The owner, Eddie McEwen, said he still can't believe that one of his own employees gave birth in his restaurant's bathroom and then tried to dispose of the newborn in the dumpster outside.

"She was just coming to work, like a normal day, and it wasn't, in any fashion or form,” said McEwen.

McEwen knew something was wrong when his employee, Pamela Thomas, came into work and immediately went to the bathroom. He says not ten minutes later she headed out to the dumpster with a pile of aprons and bloody clothes.

"I was not going to let whatever she put in the dumpster go without being seen, I was determined to find out what she put in the dumpster,” he said.

But McEwen never expected to find a newborn baby boy in the dumpster. And he immediately jumped in to rescue the child.

"The fact that Eddie had sense enough about him, knew something was odd going on, he's actually the hero in this sad story. If it wasn't for him going out into the dumpster and checking, we might not have found that child,” said Sherman Police Officer Sergeant Bruce Dawsey.

McEwen said Thomas had denied being pregnant. But he cannot understand how his trusted employee of over three years could do such a terrible thing.

"It's difficult for me, I can't go into the restroom, I can't go to the dumpster. I can't imagine finding a newborn baby. Like I said I haven't slept,” said McEwen.

McEwen said he wished Thomas would have said something, asked for help, and he would have taken her and the baby to the hospital immediately.

But what he and others can't understand is the backlash. Someone even threw a brick through the restaurant's back window Thursday night.

“They were, a truck driving by hollering obscene things, we had calls coming in saying things like you're going to get it,” said McEwen.

But McEwen and his employees are back at work Friday, trying to deal with what happened the day before. McEwen does find comfort in one thing, the second chance for the abandoned newborn.

"I'm happy for him because somebody's going to look at him and say that's my baby, that's my grandbaby and he's going to have a good life. He got a second chance, and that’s what it’s all about,” said McEwen.

Doctors said the baby boy is healthy, weighing just over six pounds, and was immediately put into CPS custody Thursday.

Police said Pamela Thomas was still being treated at Texas Health Presbyterian – WNJ hospital Friday afternoon. She will be booked into the Grayson County Jail as soon as she's released. Thomas is charged with attempted Capital murder.

UPDATE: Pamela Thomas has been released from the hospital. As of Saturday, she's being held in the Grayson County Jail.

Thomas stands charged with attempted capital murder. Her bond has been set at $50,000.

But she's now also being held on a separate charge - violating her probation in an arson case.

Thomas was convicted and served time for burning down the Sherman Dollar General in 2006.

She's being held without bond for violating her probation.

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