Bizarre stabbing in Fannin County

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FANNIN COUNTY, Tex. -- One man is in prison after allegedly stabbing the driver he hitched a ride with over the weekend. The victim is recovering, but it's the details of the case that officials say make it unlike any they've ever seen.

Fannin County Sheriff’s Deputies received the original call at 2:40 on Saturday afternoon about a suspect involved in a stabbing located at the intersection of County Road 3830 and Highway 11. When deputies arrived on the scene they found that the case they were working on involved a lot more than they had planned.

Fannin County sheriff Kenneth Moore says he was shocked when he heard what happened this past Saturday just west of Wolfe City.

When deputies arrived on the scene they found James Wayne Evans, 43, a hitchhiker who confessed to stabbing the person who gave him a ride and apparently expected something in return.

"Whenever the individual that picked up the hitchhiker wanted more intimacy and that was about to happen, he determined at that point the intimacy would stop," said Fannin County Sheriff Kenneth Moore.

Officials say Evans was hitch hiking down Interstate 30 in Arlington when a white female known only as ‘Angie’ picked him up.

Soon thereafter, the 42-year-old driver invited Evans back to her horse barn just outside of Wolfe City.

When they arrived, the two became intimate, and officials say ‘Angie’ asked Evans to perform oral sex on her.

That’s when they say Evans got quite a surprise.

"(When he did) comply with the female subject, he found out it was in fact not a female, but a male," Sheriff Moore said.

Officials say Evans pulled out a knife and stabbed ‘Angie’-- who is a man-- multiple times.

‘Angie’ was flown to Parkland Hospital where he was treated and released.

Authorities warn regardless of the situation that picking up hitch hikers is never a good idea.

"You don’t know that individual walking down the highway. Why in the world would you stop and pick up someone you don’t know because in today’s environment that’s just not a safe thing to do," Moore said.

Evans was taken into custody and taken to the Fannin County Jail where bond has been set at $50,000.

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