Stray dog bites 12 y/o girl; strays a problem in Ardmore

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ARDMORE In the past six months, more than 3,000 calls have been made to the Ardmore police regarding stray animals. Earlier this week, a 12-year-old girl was bitten by a stray dog while playing in her own yard.

Nikomi Blackwood, 12, was playing in her backyard when she said she saw two stray dogs without collars charging at her.
One of the dogs bit her in the leg, breaking the skin, but instead of panicking she looked for help.

"I threw a rock at both of them and they both ran away," Blackwood said.

Blackwood said the dog that bit her was brown and red and looked like she had just had a litter of puppies. The other dog looked like a Dalmatian mixed with a Great Dane.

Blackwood's mother, Crystal Wells said, "in that location we see at least one stray dog every day."

Wells says she is terrified that her children can't play in their own backyard without the possibility of getting hurt by a stray dog.

Ardmore Deputy Chief Kevin Norris says Ardmore has a city ordinance that says you must keep your animal on a leash or fenced in at all times.

"If you are taking your dog on a walk, your dog is supposed to be on a leash," Norris said. "If you go to the park your dog needs to be on a leash. If it is on your property it needs to be fenced in or on a leash."

He's not only worried about attacks, he says strays can cause accidents.

"if they run out in the middle of traffic, the majority of people love animals and don't want to hit the animal so they slam on their brakes and stop, which causes traffic accidents," Norris said.

Blackwood hopes sharing her story sends a message to dog owners.

"Make sure there is a fence, make sure there is no holes in it, and if there is and your dog bites keep them up on their shots," Blackwood said.

According to Pet Health Network, if a dog charges at you, stay as still as possible and keep your arms crossed.
If the dog takes you to the ground, try to keep your back to the dog so it doesn't attack your face and get into a ball. This will make the animals feel less threatened and back off.

When you get home, report the attack immediately to local law enforcement.