Elvis & Gainesville - 50 Years Later

5-12-05 - As Elvis Presley began a meteroic rise to fame 50 years ago, his path to stardom actually went through Gainesville, Texas. But with the small crowd that showed up back then, you wouldn't have guessed that the King of Rock & Roll was in town. Joe Leonard, the owner of a local radio station at the time, brought Elvis to Gainesville in April of 1955. It cost him $300 to book the King - tickets were $1 for adults and 50 cents for kids. But when only 150 fans showed up at Locke Field, the concert lost money.

Leonard says after the concert, Elvis said he'd come back and play again and promised that show would make money. Not long after, the entire nation and the world learned who Elvis was.

Folks around north Texas still talk about the concert to this day, remembering how Elvis pulled up to the venue in a long Cadillac.

A special on Elvis will air this Friday night on KXII - The Presley family remembering Elvis and his impact. It airs at 7pm on CBS.