BACA benefit in Denison

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DENISON, TX -- Officials with court appointed special advocates or CASA, say child abuse cases in Grayson County have increased significantly over the past year. One group is fighting to decrease those numbers. They could soon have a new home here in Grayson County.

Bikes lined up outside Loose Wheels in Denison. Bikers were inside, listening to music, spending time with friends, and raising money for those who sometimes don’t have a voice.

"It means support for the kids because that’s the only thing we're after our whole mission is the children and 100% of the money goes to helping the kids," says Tina “Mama Bear” Wantland with the Dallas Chapter of BACA.

Mama Bear, and the rest of the Bikers Against Child Abuse chapter from Dallas traveled north to Denison to garner support to start a chapter in Grayson County. Officials say it shouldn't be that hard.

"Even without having a chapter here we've already done what we call a ‘level two and two adoption’ already in the Grayson County area," Wantland says.

Officials say thanks to the help of child advocacy services from Denton to Collin County. BACA has grown enough to explore opening a new office.

"We really want to be a community minded event center,” says Lu Herrin, with Loose Wheels. “We're a restaurant a bar and a club we're gonna have some more events coming up."

This fundraiser was in conjunction with Texas Independance Day. That combination was a win-win for performers who took the stage.

"When you bring in a charity like BACA and you're helping abused children its just a good time overall," Gus Samuelson, a performer at Sunday’s event.

Officials with BACA say they are working to eliminate the stereotype that comes with being a biker. They want to prove their work in homes, schools, and courts across North Texas helping children get back on their feet.

"First off most of us are doing this because we're mostly close to the situation and some of us have been through what they've been through and know what they're feeling," Wantland says.

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