NAACP members protest on behalf of SOSU students

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DURANT, OK -- Ardmore NAACP members held a protest on SOSU's campus today, for the justice of five students.

Members held signs outside the University's graduation ceremony.

Five men have been suspended from the school for allegedly pretending to rob people as an April Fool's prank. The campus and Durant Police got involved. No charges have been filed against the men.

The NAACP officers say the men were denied attorneys, and that the student's appeal is being ignored by the university.

"What people need to understand, there has been a clear violation here of a civil rights of due process, which can go to court as a civil lawsuit. I'm not saying we will do that, or it is going to be done. But, that is one of the consequences," NAACP president Elizabeth Williams said.

The group says they're not defending the actions the men are accused of -- just protecting their rights and bringing awareness to the issue.

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