Bigfoot Researchers Hit Atoka County

Two reports of sightings of the so-called Boggy Bottom Monster in southeastern Oklahoma has drawn a team of experts to the region.

The team led by Thomas Biscardi of Menlo Park, California, is in
the Atoka County town of Caney to talk with Jackie Marlow and to
Morgan and Garrett Whatley and to look for what he calls Bigfoot.

Marlow and the Whatley's each reported seeing the creature just
days apart about two weeks ago in and around the town of Caney.

Biscardi has spent 33 years in search of Bigfoot and says he
didn't travel 23-hundred miles for nothing.

A local legend is getting new life. In the last two weeks, there were three separate Bigfoot sighting in rural Atoka County. The final sighting included photos that some say is the mysterious creature itself.

Talk to people around Clear Boggy Creek in Atoka County and you will hear thousands of stories. But last week, the legend himself, Bigfoot, was supposedly spotted in those very woods.

They have grown up on these woods and know them well. But last week, 13-year-old Morgan Whatley and her 12-year-old brother Garrett came across something strange right across the creek was a creature she'd never seen before.

But the claims of the Whatley kids were passed off as a child's imagination. That changed just days later when a woman in her fifties had to be taken to a hospital. She reported seeing a big hairy creature in her yard and had an anxiety attack.

It's all over the newspaper and on everyone's mind; what was seen at boggy bottom? Some people say it is Bigfoot. Others aren't believers yet.

A local store owner set up game cameras hoping to catch a glimpse. The pictures are below. We'll let you be the judge.

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