State Highway 289 Extension ahead of schedule in Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. ― The State Highway 289 Extension has been in the works for almost a decade now, but the project is actually ahead of schedule. Rashi Vats has an update on what the county expects to spend once the road is open for traffic.

This project is 11 years in the making and 11 years that Grayson County Commissioner Gene Short says were necessary for funding. Now, State Highway 289 is taking shape.

It was set to cost Grayson County about $42 million, but the commissioner in charge of the county's part of the project, Gene Short, says it might just cost them around $29 million.

"We are very fortunate to, when we bid this project we got a good contractor at Austin Bridge and Road and a very good price," Grayson County Commissioner Gene Short says.

When U.S. Highway 82 was expanded years ago and moved several miles to the north, State Highway 289 suddenly ended at State Highway 56. Once complete, the extension will rejoin SH 289 with U.S. 82.

But there's more at stake than just a reunion of two roads.

"One of the reasons we developed this project was because of the airport. We think it will increase jobs there and help our economic base and create economic activity for the county," Short says.

The scheduled completion date for the entire project is supposed to be October 2009, but Short says construction could be completed as early as June, four months ahead of schedule.

"I feel like this project is going great. We are under budget and ahead of schedule, and I anticipate we will finish this project ahead of schedule," Short says.

Construction workers are working throughout the holidays, which is one of the reasons the commissioner says they will be completed with the project sooner than planned.

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