KXII shuts off analog signal Friday, Feb. 6

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SHERMAN, TX -- We've been talking about the big digital TV transition for months, Friday, KXII-TV will turn off its analog transmitter for good. Josh Stevenson tells us what you can expect after Friday's big switch.

Comparing digital TV to analog TV is much like comparing FM radio to AM radio, or high-speed Internet to dial-up. But unlike AM radio or dial-up Internet, analog TV isn't just outdated, it's about to be extinct.

"You can't watch any TV station without seeing at least one commercial about it."

The digital TV transition. Over the last few months it's been everywhere--on commercials and banners, and in scrolling letters along the top or bottom of your TV screen. For KXII, that day has come, and that day is Friday.

"We will be turning off or analog transmitter on the 6th and we won't be turning it back on," said KXII Operations Manager, Bryan Norman.

When the station signs off Friday night, the analog age at Channel 12 will draw to a close and the digital age will be ushered in. But what does that mean for viewers?

For those who are prepared for the switch, it means a better picture and more programming.

"Where they have only received a couple of channels for 50 years, now in this market they will be able to receive at least five additional channels," Norman said.

And for those who aren't ready...

"Get it or your TV is going to go out," said one Best Buy customer in Sherman.

Starting Saturday, crews will be working to bring KXII's digital signal up to full power, more than doubling the signal strength. This means viewers will not only get a better signal, but KXII-TV will be able to reach more places.

"It's also going to grow the coverage area by as much as 20 miles in every direction," Norman said.

So for those in the furthest reaches of the KXII viewing area, say goodbye to that old static-laden signal, and hello to crystal clear digital TV.

If you have not bought your converter box or a digital television yet, it's not too late. Those boxes are available at many retail locations in our viewing area. If you have cable or dish network, don't worry, you will not be affected by the digital transition.

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