Company's water unsafe to drink in Cooke County

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Weber Aircraft, a company with 1250 employees, is giving out water bottles to employees because their water isn't safe to drink.

When an employee of Weber Aircraft noticed discoloration in the water in the bathroom last Friday, the company immediately called the Gainesville Water Department.

Public Services Director Ron Sellman says they discovered an uncommon problem with Weber Aircraft's water system.

"What we've seen is an oil problem in the Weber Aircraft facility, and that has migrated throughout the facility1,” said Ron Sellman. “They've seen oil inside their system, inside their plumbing fixtures and their sinks.”

In a statement to KXII, Weber Plant Manager Steve Starnes said the company sent a sample of the discolored water to Denison and Gainesville’s water departments to test whether it's a problem with the city's system or with the Weber facility.

“The problem is inside Weber Aircraft, the problem could not have gotten into the city supply because of backflow prevention devices that are installed to prevent any kind of a contaminant to get into the water supply,” said Sellman. “Public water supply is safe, but it just isn't safe for the employees inside because of their internal problem with their plumbing. It is being investigated by Weber Aircraft at this time.”

A sample of water was also sent to The Lower Colorado River Authority in Austin. They are one of only two companies in Texas that does extensive water safety testing.

Starnes says the company has been providing its employees with bottled water since last Friday and will continue to do so until all of the tests come back clear.