Ardmore Eagle Scout earns all 121 merit badges

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ARDMORE, Okla. ― The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest value-based organizations for young men in our country. But only a handful of those are as decorated as one Ardmore Boy Scout. Shelby Levins has more.

There are 121 merit badges a Boy Scout can earn. A scout only need to earn 21 of those to become an Eagle Scout, the organization's highest rank, but an Ardmore scout has now earned every single badge available― and more.

Trish Weaver has plenty of reasons to be proud of her son, Wes.

“Wes is probably the kid that every parent would want,” she says.

Last week, Wes Weaver earned his last merit badge. The Plainview High School senior is only 17 years old, but it's hard to tell judging by his Boy Scout career.

“In 2008, there were 20 scouts across the county who had gotten all 121 merit badges. I'm adding my name to that list,” Wes says.

But Weaver's accomplishments don't end with badges. The teen also earned his Eagle Scout award by building a 112-foot bridge over a creek bed in Lake Murray State Park. It was no easy task with the rugged terrain

“Just digging the holes I was thinking I’m never going to be done. All my weekends are going to be spent out here digging holes,” Wes says.

“It was scheduled to take between two to three months. It ended up taking a year and 6 months,” says Wes’s father, Rusty Weaver.

Rusty helped his son plan out the bridge and construct it, along with the rest of Troop 112. Now all kinds of area bicyclists, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the state park a little more.

“A lot of times people would stop at this point on the trail because they didn't want to go over the creek when the weather was bad. This allowed them to be able to go further,” Rusty says.

Wes says the love for the outdoors and adventure was part of the motivation behind this project. Trish Weavers, say it is Wes’s drive to help other people and determination to accomplish goals that will keep him going.

“Wes wants to make a difference in the world, and he's definitely started off on the right track.”

Wes is set to graduate from high school this spring. He says he plans to study engineering in college and hopes to say active in Boy Scouts when he's older.

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