Disabled veteran’s bike trip to D.C. passes through Texoma

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SHERMAN, Tex. ― A Navy veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury 18 years ago is peddling his way to the nation’s capitol with a message for the president.

Kevin Baker is confined to a wheelchair. Baker was injured when a missile struck his barracks during the Gulf War. Since then he has been given a special wheelchair and hand-cranked bicycle.

Baker is riding more than 2,000 miles from Norman, Oklahoma to Washington D.C. carrying a new flag designed in honor of fallen soldiers.

Baker says he hopes the government will focus more on the lives of veterans and their families.

"They need to know that we're home and we need their help. We don’t need a discharge and be kicked away. They need to remember what we did for our country and to help us get back to a normal life," he says.

Baker says he travels primarily by state highway, but he has already been pulled over and given a ticket. But, baker says that won't stop him from riding.

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