Possible tollway for Grayson County

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. -- The Regional Mobility Authority is considering the construction of a toll way in Grayson County. Rita Kotey has the story.

Jerdy Gary with the Regional Mobility Authority says a 32 mile extension of the North Dallas toll road could be coming to Grayson County.

"We will start this project at the county line of Grayson and Collin counties at the southwest part of the county and we will take it over to the existing new 289 project and then take that and merge the two together and then go north of the airport and connect back to U.S. 75 just north of Denison,” Gary said

"Motor fuel taxes are not generating enough money to replace roads or build new projects that's the reason you are seeing new toll roads come along."

The Texas Transportation Commission has granted $10 million to the mobility authority for research to work out the logistics of constructing a toll road in our area.

"We will be negotiating with those developers that will pay us apart of the total revenue for a long number of years that we will get and then we will put back in the connector type roads that will connect to the toll road,” Gary said.

Bill Retz with the North Texas Regional Airport says because the road will pass by the airport he hopes that will bring more businesses and people interested in the air traffic controller academy.

"The toll way of course is several years down the road as they develop this plan but it is certainly going to enhance,” said Retz.

"When you have that fast a mechanism to get from Denison/Sherman area to Dallas/Fort Worth it can only help in developing logistics and carrying capacity along that road."

Gary says in their research the Texas Department of Transportation will evaluate traffic flow and environmental factors to determine how much the toll will cost, but he says completing the comprehensive study could take about two years.

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